COFIDES has adapted its internal policies to continue improving shared spaces where all staff members are guaranteed to be able to freely develop their individual characteristics, recognizing diversity as an essential value.  

In this context, COFIDES has an Equality Commission which ensures respect for human rights, non-discrimination of people, and support for diversity.

Through our adherence to the Business Network for LGBTI Diversity and Inclusion (REDI), we aim to confirm our commitment to the wellbeing of the Company's staff and their personal and professional enrichment, as well as to reinforce the development of measures to promote diversity in labor relations. We want all the people who make up COFIDES to feel part of this project without exception.  

And, likewise, we try to ensure that the principles in which we firmly believe are transferred to the companies and projects we finance.

To this end, various initiatives have been carried out in this area:

  • Acceptance of collective bargaining agreements for the approval of Gender and LGBTIQ+ Policies in the workplace.
  • Preparation and publication of the Annual DI&E Diversity Report.
  • Renewal of the Protocol on Workplace, Sexual, and Gender-Based Harassment with the Legal Representatives of Workers. In addition, training on diversity has been provided to give visibility to the LGBTIQ+ collective at COFIDES.
  • Commemoration of International Women's Day and LGBTIQ+ Pride Day with several activities designed by the Equality Commission.
  • Formation of a group of volunteers to work on other aspects related to diversity and integration in all areas: age/intergenerational relationships in the workplace, gender, LGBTIQ+, disability, conciliation, ethnic diversity and multiculturalism, etc