COFIDES considers sustainable development to be a fundamental aspect in achieving proper corporate governance. To this end COFIDES typically promotes the internationalisation of a Spanish company through the financial investment they make, ensuring compatibility with economic growth and investment viability, with the end goal of protecting both the natural and social environment.

In order to achieve this goal, COFIDES makes use of an environmental and social evaluation process, as an integral part of its due diligence procedures.

You can access the document 'International Financing, Development and Non Financial Risks - Handbook for companies financed by COFIDES' (see the Spanish versionfor a detailed understanding of the objective pursued in the social and environmental assessment.

This handbook has been designed specifically for companies that receive COFIDES funding. Its objective is to inform about the scope of the Company's socio-environmental policy and the reasons behind its content and application.

COFIDES is committed to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, to the Statement on International Public Support for the Clean Energy Transition adopted at COP-26 in Glasgow in November 2021 and to other multilateral and EU commitments in this area.

COFIDES is a signatory of the EDFI Harmonised Fossil Fuel Exclusion List and the EDFI Statement on Climate and Energy Finance. At the same time, COFIDES does not finance fossil fuel projects throughout its value chain.

Portada manual para empresas



Preliminary socio-environmental categorization

Check: project activity in the Lista de Actividades y sectores Excluidos


Project dismissal


Preliminary Socio-Environmental Rating Assignment


Environmental and social risk assessment

Assignment of an environmental rating and a social rating, both depending on risk / impact.

Depending on risk / impact

Establishment of risk mitigation measures through contractual clauses and collaboration with the client:

  • Compliance with local legislation
  • Compliance with international standards

Environmental and social risk monitoring

Portfolio projects monitoring:

  • Verify compliance with established contractual requirements
  • Assess the proper progression of the project throughout the investment period