• Does COFIDES support industrial projects only?

No. COFIDES provides support for all manner of projects requiring medium- or long-term financing. Consequently, COFIDES may back all manner of productive or commercial projects involving the incorporation of tangible or intangible assets that require such repayment terms. In fact, COFIDES has specific lines for financing service sector businesses.

  • Does COFIDES support new projects only?

No. It may also support projects that entail the acquisition of existing companies, whether or not their facilities are to be expanded.

  • Which countries are eligible for COFIDES support?

COFIDES can back, with its own resources, direct investment projects involving Spanish interest undertaken in any developing or emerging country, regardless of its per capita income and membership or otherwise in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Moreover, COFIDES as manager of the State trust funds FIEX and FONPYME is in a position to financially support investment projects in any foreign country.

  • Does COFIDES grant subsidies?


  • Is there a lower limit to the amount that COFIDES will provide to support a specific project?

The minimum amount provided by COFIDES to support any given project should not normally be less than 75,000 euros.

  • Is there a ceiling to the amount that COFIDES will provide to support a specific project?

The risk assumed by COFIDES in the projects it supports may not exceed the risk assumed by the Spanish sponsor. In absolute terms, the present ceiling per project is 40,000,000 euros.

  • In what currency are COFIDES loans denominated?

In euros or US dollars.

  • What are the primary advantages to COFIDES financial support?

Depending on the financial product and the instrument used in each case, COFIDES support entails advantages such as: institutional backing, enhancement of a project’s financial solvency, generous repayment terms, repayment in keeping with project capacity to generate returns and possible acceptance of country risk.

  • At what stage of a project cycle should an investor approach COFIDES?

Projects can be submitted at any phase. Nonetheless, sponsors are urged to submit their proposals to COFIDES as early as possible in the investment process.