COFIDES Impact promotes investment projects that have a positive impact on the SDGs.

It creates a link between funding and the impact of the investments through key project indicators (KPIs) or management procedures that improve the contribution to the SDGs of companies financed by COFIDES.


Financing linked to sustainability

It is based on the application of a bonus in the price of financing through the variable component of price sustainability, linked to the achievement of certain KPIs of a sustainable nature.

The sustainability variable acts as a price bonus, as it seeks to stimulate, influence and support, to a greater or lesser extent, the implementation of responsible management mechanisms.

The maximum amount of interest rate subsidy per transaction is, in any case, 50,000 euros.

Technical assistance

The technical assistance component of the program provides non-reimbursable resources to partially cover the cost of consulting and specialized training to improve the environmental and social management of Spanish companies with approved financing proposals.

Are subject to financing:

  • Verification of quantitative and qualitative KPIs linked to the variable component of sustainability.
  • Plans, studies, consultancies and other measures adopted by companies financed by COFIDES, related to environmental and social issues that are contractually required.

The budget is allocated on a case-by-case basis (never more than 50% of the total cost, excluding VAT, of the consulting service and with a maximum of 50,000 euros).



Examples of KPIs linked to sustainability