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Textron Técnica (Italy)

Promoter: Textron Técnica S.L.U
Bussines Activity: Manufacture and commercialisation of chemical products
Sector: Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries
Product: Joint venture loan

Total investment: €700,000
Resources: FONPYME

Total investment: €1m
Resources: FONPYME


COFIDES has financially supported the company belonging to the PLIMON GROUP, TEXTRON TECNICA, for its deployment in Colverde, Como, Italy. Through two joint venture loans, COFIDES has provided the funding for them to carry out their commercial deployment as well as to purchase assets necessary for the development, manufacture and marketing of natural thickeners for textile printing.

Textron Tecnica main activity is the production and distribution of raw materials, used predominantly in the Cosmetic, Food and Pharmaceutical sectors, among others. With the subsidiary in Italy, GRUPO PLIMON will strengthen their international position, in line with its strategy for sustainable and diversified growth.

Textron Tecnica has two production plants in Lérida province Spain specialising in the production of oils and biocides for the cosmetic sector, amongst others.

GRUPO PLIMON with subsidiaries in the United States, Japan, India and Italy, as well as a sales network in more than 70 countries on five continents, has contributed to the development and growth in an international context.


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