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Russula (USA)

Sponsor:Russula Corporación, S.A.U.
Line of business: Research and development of new mechanical prototypes
Sector: Engineering
Product: Joint venture loan
Total investment: €5.7m
Resources: FONPYME

COFIDES financed engineering company Russula, for the launch of a new research and development division for its mechanical prototypes at its U.S. subsidiary, Russula Corporation Inc. COFIDES provided financial support through a joint venture loan to the Fund for SME for Foreign Investment Operations (FONPYME). This new division will allow the company to prototype and test new parts for its mechanical implementations.

Russula is an engineering company that delivers practical solutions for the steel, copper and aluminum sector. For over 27 years, the company has completed engineering projects for new installations, plant expansions and plant revamps. The company is specialised in practical solutions of mechanical and electrical engineering specifically integrated to the metal industry, in particular steel and aluminum plants.

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