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Pacadar (Saudi Arabia)

Sponsor: Pacadar S.A.
Line of business: Design, manufacture and installation of precast reinforced concrete
Sector: Building Materials
Product: Joint venture loan 
Total investment: €2.5M
Resources:  FIEX

COFIDES granted a joint venture loan to Pacadar for the construction of a precast concrete plant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. COFIDES funding will contribute to the implementation of a precast concrete plant specialising in implementing subway segments. The company has been awarded contracts for the execution of these type of products within the subway macro project of Riyadh.

This is the second operation that COFIDES has performed with Pacadar, a company that it previously supported in 2012 in order to carry out the construction project of a precast concrete plant in Panama.

Pacadar SA is the parent company of Pacadar Group and it specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of precast, pre-stressed concrete. It has six manufacturing plants in Spain and two plants in Panama and has several subsidiaries in the Middle East and Latin America.

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