COFIDES has contributed to the expansion of a coffee processing plant at the Colombian subsidiary of SUPRACAFÉ, a company focused on the production and distribution of gourmet coffee.

SUPRACAFÉ purchases green coffee mainly in Colombia and performs the roasting, packaging and distribution processes on the premises of its property in Móstoles (Madrid). It commercialises the product with its own brand in different varieties and formats and supplies its customers with supplementary products such as sugar, tea or chocolate.

With this project, SUPRACAFÉ will empower hundreds of female farmers through purchasing premiums and spreading agricultural practices. The company currently employs 25 permanent employees, but in times of sowing and harvesting the number can rise to 200.

SUPRACAFÉ Colombia was founded in 2008 with the aim of integrating into the value chain to produce high quality coffees and to apply R&D and innovation to its processes in the cultivation and processing of the different coffee varieties.

In 2017, SUPRACAFÉ was recognised and associated with the Business Call to Action programme (BCtA), part of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), as the first Spanish company to undertake inclusive business practices.