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Sponsor: Ortiz Construcciones y Proyectos, S.A.
Bussines-Activity: Construction, rehabilitation, operation and maintenance of the of the road that connects Remedios and Caucasia.
Sector: Agrifood

Total Investment: 1.765 million Colombian pesos
Resources: FIEX and COFIDES

Total Investment: 900.317 millones de pesos colombianos
Resources: FIEX and COFIDES

With these two projects, COFIDES has taken part in the grants awarded to Grupo Ortiz for the Fourth Generation Program (4G) of Road Concessions in Colombia. This is the most important public-private partnership initiative in the world, with an estimated investment of 47 billion Colombian pesos (approximately $24 billion). The program looks at the construction and concessionary operation of more than 8,000 kilometres of roads and 159 tunnels, under more than 40 concessions.

Grupo Ortiz, alongside other local partners have been awarded 2 concession projects, the Northern Connection motorway and a stretch of the Sisga motorway in which COFIDES has cooperated through the FIEX Fund and its own resources. COFIDES will acquire a stake in Grupo Ortiz of approximately 5% for the Northern Connection motorway project and up to 15% for the Sisga motorway project. The financing in both projects is structured through capital, subordinated debt and counter-guarantee capital (capital and subordinated debt).

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