COFIDES Chairman encourages the members of ADIMUR to internationalise their projects through the support of COFIDES


Madrid, November 27, 2017. COFIDES chairman, Salvador Marín, encouraged the members of ADIMUR to submit their foreign investment projects to COFIDES. “We have the resources and programmes to support them, tailored to every company’s needs.”. Indeed, he stated that “over the last years, we have contributed to the internationalisation of companies from the Murcia region through an investment higher than 44.5 million Euro for internationalisation projects reaching 215 million Euro”. This was possible due to the close collaboration with INFO, an entity with which COFIDES established a collaboration agreement” – he explained.

During a lunch with members of ADIMUR, COFIDES chairman added that “one of the priority goals for COFIDES is to strengthen the internationalisation of the SMEs” and for that purpose “we have implemented specific programmes for young entrepreneurs to settle their business (with financing from 50,000 Euro), the PYME INVIERTE programme or sectorial lines for engineering companies, agrifood companies and fine food companies, among others”.

“Through these lines and programmes, we have arrived to strengthen the support to the SMEs over the last years, thus more than 58% of the projects approved by COFIDES in 2016 were SME projects” – he gave as an example.

Furthermore, Marin highlighted a differentiating fact of the investment made by COFIDES, its institutional backup. “Being accompanied by COFIDES in an international project is doing this with the leading private-public company in foreign direct investment, in which they participate partners such as the main commercial banks of our country and CAF-Development Bank of Latin America”. This allows that “in average, the projects supported by COFIDES get for every euro invested, twelve euro in return both of external and internal funding”.

Also, Marín discussed with the members of ADIMUR on the evolution of the national and regional economy to which he referred as “strong economies, showing a solid, balanced and sustained economic growth; for which the international sector (internationalisation) implied and implies nowadays a relevant contribution”.

In addition, according to a study carried out among the companies which were supported by COFIDES, “in 2017, out of the companies carrying out an internationalisation activity (FDI), more than 75% will end up the year increasing their sales and in 2018, this proportion will increase up to 86%. Concerning employment, these same companies (68%) intend to increase the number of employees that year (2018) and 32% to retain it, so no company intends to reduce it. This is a more definite data: an internationalised company is a company generating home employment” – added Marín.

On his side, Javier Navarro, President of Adimur, stated that “the internationalisation of companies is a sign of the healthy condition of the economy. When a company is able to establish abroad, it exports know-how, integrates the competitive advantages provided by the country of destination and transfers benefits and knowledge to our country. In a more and more interconnected world, the ability to take advantage of opportunities wherever they are it is already a need”.



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