COFIDES their financial tools on the Investment Networking day at Expoquimia 2017


Madrid, October 02, 2017.- The commercial partner of COFIDES in Catalonia, Carlos Parraga, presented today on the Investment Networking at Expoquimia 2017 the different funding methods offered by COFIDES to ease the foreign investment of Spanish companies within the chemical sector.

The event was held by the Business Federation of the Spanish Chemical Industry (Feique) and ICEX-Invest in Spain in collaboration with Smart Chemistry Smart Future, World Chemical Summit, Chemicals from Spain and EXPOQUIMIA. There the professionals of this sector had the chance to know the latest novelties. Also it has been the commercial and promotional showcase of the sector. Expoquimia has been a great platform for environmental and scientific dissemination of the Spanish chemical sector made up by more than 3,100 companies.

Within a panel on the internationalisation opportunities in the Scandinavian countries, the commercial partner of COFIDES highlighted the company’s differentiating value due to their flexible instruments and requirements, as well as the ability to adapt to every project’s needs concerning product, deadlines and guarantees. Moreover, he stressed the institutional support they offer and the great level of satisfaction among the COFIDES’ customers conducive to some of them being recurrent customers.


This region presenting a great resilient economy to the world crisis showing ongoing growth figures offers a series of competitive advantages for the Spanish companies. Their markets are secure and stable with a well consolidated welfare state.  

Also they are geographically and culturally close, which eases the commercial relations with Spain. They are markets showing a high disposition for export, a significant wealth per capita and an increase of the private consumption rates.



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