COFIDES multiplies its investment in Murcian companies in the last lustrum by 11


Madrid, August, 07, 2017. Since the signing of the agreement with INFO, COFIDES has supported with more than €44.5m the internationalisation projects of Murcian companies, providing a total investment of €215m.

COFIDES Chairman, Salvador Marín informed the president of the Autonomous Community of the Murcia Region, Fernando López Miras and the Local Minister of Employment, Universities and Enterprise, Juan Hernández, on the degree of compliance with the cooperation agreement between COFIDES and INFO in a meeting held in Murcia.

In media statements, he declared that COFIDES activity in the Murcia Region intensified after the signing of this new cooperation agreement that was signed in 2012 and stressed that COFIDES resources allocated to Murcian companies had multiplies by 11 in five years, reaching more than €44.5 m, compared to €4 million that had been provided from 2007 to 2011.

This great increase has been possible, according to Marín, "firstly because of the entrepreneurship, innovation and competitiveness of these companies, that have opted to grow abroad and once their internationalisation projects have been designed and matured, they have relied on COFIDES support to carry them out”.

"In fact the Region of Murcia has gone from being the 9th community in terms of resources being approved by COFIDES, in the total of the Autonomous Communities, to be the 6th one in June 2017," he added.


COFIDES Chairman said that these projects belonged to companies that had an associated 9,000 jobs in the Region. "This shows the importance in terms of growth of the projects through internationalisation, as it allows the company to strengthen and create employment both in the place of destination and in the country of origin”, added Marín. Likewise, "the projects that are in the effective contacts, study or analysis phase, correspond to companies that at this moment already imply more than 20,000 jobs in the Region" and added that "a company that thinks about growing internationally is an active company, with drive and a future”.

The companies that have cooperated with COFIDES are engaged in the agri-food, leisure and engineering sectors and have been financed to develop projects in different countries such as: Chile, Mexico, Russia, the Netherlands, India, Paraguay and Egypt. For Marín, "destinations are varied and this demonstrates the dynamism and determination of these companies to find new markets in order to offer their products and services”.


COFIDES Chairman stressed that the cooperation with INFO will continue to be very close, in order to support more projects in the Region. In fact, he pointed out that, "Since we signed the new agreement, 134 effective contacts have been made, which is an increase of 300% over the previous period, and this has made the funds and resources managed by COFIDES available to Murcia companies". "We want the entrepreneurs who are preparing internationalisation projects to know that they have an accessible, industry-leading partner that can support them and offer support to ensure the success of their operations”, he added.

These contacts made in the Murcia Region have been mostly SMEs (72%), as he indicated, "Our priority goal will continue to be to support SMEs, job generators in our country, without neglecting the large companies".



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