Salvador Marín: Companies that innovate are more competitive and profitable


Murcia, April 04, 2017 - COFIDES Chairman, Salvador Marín moderated the roundtable "Global industry in times of uncertainty", within the Industry 4.0 Event, which was organised by the Economist in collaboration with the Institute of Development of the Murcia Region.

The heads of companies such as Ecus, Frutas Esther, Wind Group and New Garden debated industrial digitalisation and shared their experience regarding the application of innovation. The companies emphasised the importance of innovation application which in many cases facilitated their internationalisation and job creation.

In his speech, COFIDES Chairman stressed the importance of the symbiosis between innovation and technology and stated, "The companies that innovate are more competitive and profitable". In this sense, Marín went on, "Companies that invest in digitalisation and innovation obtain benefits from the quality perspective as well as greater competitiveness, therefore facilitating their internationalisation abroad".

The event which was supported by more than 100 executives from Murcia companies was opened by the Local Minister of Economic Development, Juan Hernández and the director of The Economist, Amador G. Ayora, who insisted that the digital transformation of companies was not a passing trend. He continued, “Therefore it is imperative that entrepreneurs are aware of the need to invest in new technologies. Either you digitise or you die”, he said, and stressed the importance for companies to “invest and test”. “The next world is a digitised one and products will be sold in a more personal way”.

During the company’s Digital Transformation conference in the 4th Industrial Revolution, large companies and regional cooperatives such as Juver Alimentación, Hefame, Francisco Aragón or Proasistech agreed to highlight the importance of analysis and information management provided by Big Data. In this regard, firms now agree that the consumer is at the centre of everything, so that the more personalised the product is and the more information or services that are adapted to the consumer, the easier and more profitable it will be to sell, as well as to export to new markets.

Company success cases were also analysed which, thanks to the adoption of new technologies have made the world a much smaller place and have grown and generated employment in recent years.



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