Madrid, August 12, 2021. COFIDES is supporting DeltaComGroup's establishment in Colombia by means of a co-investment loan to the developer, to finance the opening of an engineering laboratory (repair facility), a warehouse and a commercial office in Bogota. The institution will invest 300,000 euros from its own resources and those of the FONPYME. This is the third project it is undertaking with this SME, which specialises in engineering projects.

DeltaComGroup was awarded a telecommunications asset management, repair and spare parts logistics project for a telecommunications operator in Colombia in March 2021. To fulfil its obligations, the SME has to maintain a sufficient stock of inventory, machinery and equipment to handle all potential repairs to its client's equipment. The repair facility was built in April 2021 and is now fully operational. In addition, the lab technicians have already been trained at DeltaComGroup's facility in Mexico City.

José Luis Curbelo, Chairman of COFIDES, said that "the outlook for the telecommunications market in Colombia is excellent. This is not only important from an economic perspective, but also because of its significance with regard to fostering the sustainable development of the country and the creation of opportunities for all people".

The CEO of DeltaComGroup, Antonio Peinado, said that this engineering facility has been created in order to provide professional and comprehensive telecommunications network infrastructure asset management services: repairs, inventory management, purchase and sale of equipment, asset recovery and spare parts management (SPRML model) to telecommunications operators in the Andean region. DeltaComGroup's clear objective is to be active in the global telecommunications markets, that is, to assist the leading telecommunications operators in their expansion strategies by developing a strategy of accelerated internationalisation.


This project contributes significantly to the achievement of SDG 10 - Reduced inequalities - because it is taking place in a developing or emerging country. Furthermore, the ability of telecommunications to provide cohesion and structure has a direct impact as regards improving economic conditions and quality of life, as well as job creation.


DeltaComGroup is an SME founded in 2004 that provides engineering solutions and professional services in telecommunications equipment repair, asset management, equipment sales and purchase, equipment recovery, reuse and recycling, supported by a digital intermediation platform (marketplace). DeltaCOM's SPRML core and comprehensive service is deployed in several global operators and encompasses repair services, spare parts and inventory management, equipment sales and purchase, maintenance optimisation and logistics. DeltaCom has more than 120 employees. It currently has contracts with the major global telecommunications operators.

The DeltaCom Group consists of a number of subsidiaries, some of which are production-based, such as those in Spain, Russia, Mexico, Nigeria and Colombia, and some of which are purely commercial, such as those in Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Brazil and the United States.

Since its inception, the SME has been very active internationally in tendering for services for the main telecommunications providers in Europe, Latin America and Africa.