Madrid, May 25, 2023. COFIDES chairman, José Luis Curbel'o, and COFIDES director-general, Miguel Tiana, took part in the Annual Meeting of the Association of European Development Financial Institutions, EDFI, held in Copenhagen.

Over two days, members analysed the achievements obtained by promoting development in emerging and developing countries through the financing of private projects, in addition to studying the joint financing mechanisms among these institutions.

The meeting included the round table "Mobilisation of private sector co-financing", which was attended by COFIDES chairman José Luis Curbelo and the heads of IFU (Denmark), FMO (Netherlands), Citibank and PFA, and moderated by the Chief Executive Officer of Proparco, Françoise Lombard.

In his address, José Luis Curbelo highlighted the “need for persuasion and creativity in operations design, since these are essential for the successful deployment of development projects that transform entrepreneurial initiatives into a reality and mobilise the necessary public and private financial resources to finance projects with relevant and measurable social impact.”

At the EDFI meeting, José Luis Curbelo presented the COFIDES-led Huruma Fund as an example of the successful mobilisation of private financing for sustainable development projects in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

The EDFI Annual Meeting is an annual meeting of the chairpersons of the 15 European bilateral development financial institutions, which include COFIDES.


EDFI promotes the work of 15 bilateral European development finance institutions that invest in the private sector in emerging and frontier markets to create jobs, boost growth, and fight poverty and climate change. Since EDFI was set up in 1992, its members have invested in approximately 15,000 projects, and they now manage a combined investment portfolio of US$50 billion across financial services, clean energy, industry, and many other sectors in more than 100 countries. A significant share of this portfolio is climate finance. An important part of EDFI’s work is to promote financial cooperation between its members and with the EU institutions, and for this purpose, EDFI has established the EDFI Management Company and other joint financing facilities.