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• Managed by COFIDES, it is endowed with €2,000M to attract foreign investment in strategic activities linked mainly to the green and digital transitions and technological innovation in Spain
• COFIDES has granted a co-investment loan of €1M for the commission of a new factory

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José Luis Curbelo, COFIDES chairman and CEO

Amigos. Amigas…Ladies and gentlemen

It is great to be in Malaga, a city…

COFIDES was certified as an institution authorised to indirectly manage the European Union’s (EU’s) cooperation for development budget in 2018. Under the terms of reference of that mandate, in October 2020 the company formalised the Triple Inclusive Finance (TIF) Programme, designed to furnish low-income Latin Americans access to financial services.


Alejandro Colino, Assistant Director, COFIDES Information Technology Department.

At COFIDES, remote working was initially a management-supported pilot project designed to assess the company’s readiness to embark on this innovative endeavour and its impact on productivity and teamwork.

With the onset of the pandemic, however, remote working…