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IVI (International)

Sponsor: Equipo IVI, S.L.
Business Activity: Assisted-reproduction
Sector: Services-other (health)
Product: Ordinary loan
Total Investment: €10m
Resources: COFIDES

COFIDES has supported Equipo IVI S.L. in its international expansion to strengthen its assisted reproduction clinics network in Latin America.

IVI is a medical institution purely dedicated to assisted reproduction. Its main purpose is to make a high-level reproductive medicine, offering the most advanced treatments and techniques, as well as promoting research, teaching and professional excellence. All these activities form its core activities.

IVI has over 40 clinics in 10 countries (Spain, Argentina, Portugal, Mexico, Panama, Brazil, Chile, Italy, India and the UAE). It is a world leader in the field of reproductive medicine. Since it was founded in 1990, IVI Presidents and founders, Professor José Remohí and Professor Antonio Pellicer, along with a large staff of 1,500 professionals have helped deliver more than 100,000 babies, revolutionising year after year, advances in reproductive medicine.

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