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Grow + International

CRECE + INTERNACIONAL is a new programme addressed to SME and small and mid-cap companies, by which through equity instruments (minority share capital holding) and quasi-equity (subordinated financing and/or co-investment), the company’s growth plan is funded, supporting:

  • Establishment in new markets.
  • Growth in markets they are already operating.

Resources may be used from COFIDES, FONPYME, or FIEX depending on the country of investment and the company size.

Targeted Promoters

The CRECE + INTERNACIONAL funding envelope is addressed to Spanish companies having foreign subsidiaries showing the following characteristics:

  • Having developed and providing a growth plan in which the company’s international is a must.
  • Having a controlling interest in the subsidiary company.
  • Recording audited Financial Statements including incomes between EUR 10 M and EUR 150 M and a sufficient EBITDA.
  • Having between 50 and 500 employees, in general terms.
  • Enjoying a sustainable financial condition.
  • Having proved and evidence-based financial forecasts.

Eligible Projects

Eligible companies have to submit an expansion plan including development of internationalisation projects in one or several markets with the following features:

  • Project leading to mobilise medium and long-term resources.
  • Viable project from the technical, economic and financial perspective.
  • Suitable management of social and environmental issues.  
  • Positive impact on the host country development.



Projects represent the company’s growth plan.


Projects aim to the digitalisation of one subsidiary or industrial companies’ subsidiaries.


Projects include training of local managers fostering educational and technical training development within the population of the country receiving the investment.


Projects are carried out by companies attesting good CSR and sustainability practices.

Maximum Funding

EUR 30 M with a maximum of 90% of the investment needs in assets.

Minimum Amount

EUR 1 M.

Admission: Applications must be submitted to COFIDES.

> For further information, please check the CRECE + INTERNACIONAL brochure. 

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