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Fund for SME Foreign Investment Operations (FONPYME)

This fund allows both temporary holdings and direct minority holdings in the capital of Spanish firms for their internationalisation or of companies located abroad and in general, through holdings in company equity as detailed above and through any participatory tools.

Financing by the Fund may also be provided through temporary holdings and direct minority holdings in those vehicles or capital expansion funds with existing official support or those that are subsequently created or private equity funds, that promote the internationalisation of the company or the Spanish economy.

This fund can be used for minority, temporary holdings in the share capital of small and medium-sized companies located outside Spain.

The most relevant characteristics of the financial support provided by this fund are as follows:

  • Eligible projects: Viable SME projects undertaken overseas and involving some manner of Spanish interest.
  • Types of financial support provided:
    • Capital holdings.
    • Quasi-capital instruments.
  • Ceiling: €5m
  • Minimum: €75,000
  • Accumulated capital fund (2017): €57m.
  • Co-financing: Operations are co-financed by COFIDES in countries where the company is permitted to operate.
  • Access: Applications must be submitted to the designated fund manager in COFIDES.

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