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The first specific financial line for the internationalisation of engineering companies (FINING)

  • Eligible projects: Those in need of a permanent physical location in the investment’s target country during their international expansion process, either through a new commercial venture, extension of existing subsidiaries, or the purchase of overseas enterprises within their sector.
  • Types of financial support:
    • Minority and transitional shareholdings in the project’s company.
    • Joint-venture loans (with repayment linked to project results).
    • Medium and long-term loans to the company founded in the target country.
    • Medium and long-term loans to the Spanish investor.
    • Multi-project loans.
  • Eligible entries and project commitment limits
    Resources will be mainly used to finance fixed assets plus a percentage of the capital tied to that investment. Depending on the guarantees offered, the percentage could be up to 80%. Additionally, a maximum of 80% of the projected costs of the commercial implementation process, up to €1m, can be financed. 
  • Minimum threshold: €75,000
  • Access: Applications must be submitted to COFIDES.

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