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The EU and its Member States are together the world´s largest donors of official development aid. One of the ways to implement this budget is through accredited entities, such as COFIDES who have been accredited since May 2016. This accreditation allows COFIDES to co-finance projects with the EU under the Blending Framework.

Blending is a financing instrument of the European Union which is articulated through the combination of EU grants with loans or equity from accredited public and private financiers (such as COFIDES).


The recipient of the funding (public or private sector) will benefit from concessional terms due to the contribution of the Commission which could be in the form of:

Cost reduction:

  • Investment Grant
  • Technical assistance
  • Interest Rate subsidy

Risk reduction:

  • Risk Capital (first-loss)
  • Guarantees


Blending is structured through two types of facilities:

  • Geographical Facility: The areas of activity are divided into geographic areas, with independent governance aimed primarily at the public sector and with private sector exceptions (Investment Funds or Private-Public Partnerships PPP). Priority sectors: infrastructure, renewable energy, water sanitation, ICT and social.
  • Thematic facilities: With global geographic scope, intended for the local private sector (but not exclusively) and focused on two priority sectors: rural electrification (electriFi) and agribusiness (AgriFi).



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