The global intervention capacity of COFIDES, through the mechanisms and financial instruments in which it participates, is nearly €2.5 billion. Since its creation, COFIDES has approved more than 1.000 projects in close to 90 countries through loans and equity participations. It has committed more than €3.6 billion.

At 31 December 2022, the total portfolio of projects managed by COFIDES amounted to €1.727 million.

The rapid growth in COFIDES activity in recent years is another example of its additionality, its adaptability to the financial needs of developers, its vocation for risk, the loyalty of its clients and the specialization of its professionals.

Main figures201320142015201620172018201920202021
Own resources (MM EUR)94100111117125133142150173
Total portfolio (MM EUR)8739129278939381054108011381207
Endorsements (MM EUR)24325833414121725029589299
Nº approved projects666359556549584347
Formalizations (MM EUR)221245157204203207*26689214
Nº formalised projects575646575344504239
Disbursements (MM EUR)21019715598198211200157209
Nº employees576372788081848087


*Amount of formalizations not including the Oman Fund.

Projects of the investment portfolio managed by COFIDES on 12/31/2021